WikiaFrog 3 is a movie I shouldn't be planning right now since I'm working on five other projects (The Custard Movie, The WikiaFrog Show, A WikiaFrog Christmas, Everybody Hates Jon, and Supernanny) but am doing anyway. 


Julie is kidnapped by and forced to be married to Kim Jong-Un and it's up to WikiaFrog, Charlie, Darwin, and the rest of the gang to stop him before he sends North Korea onto Mars, which he has claimed to be Planet Kim. 


  • WikiaFrog as WikiaFrog, Darwin, and Rezorio
  • CustardTheFreeBird as Charlie and Custard
  • Miss Sanrio as Catheryne
  • ? as Julie
  • Titanium Ninja as Oliver
  • Dan as Dan
  • ? as Kim Jong-Un
  • ? as Jokratte, Kim Jong-Un's assistant

Confirmed Songs

  • We're Doing Another Movie Even Though No One Asked Us To (WikiaFrog, Charlie, Darwin, Julie, Catheryne, Oliver)
  • You'll Be My Bride (Kim Jong-Un, Julie, Jokratte)