Everybody Hates Jon Script

This episode is about Jon introducing his life in school, home, and everywhere else. This script is based upon a true story.



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Everybody Hates My Life

Narrator: There’s always this one time where people are going through things they don’t want to go through. But the thing I’m going through one thing I hate to go through all the time for my first 16 years… And that’s my childhood.

(Jon walking to school, a fat, big bully drops his book)

And that’s Vincenzo.

Vincenzo: Boy, where the hell did you get your shoes from? Walmart?

Vincenzo: Loser, you’re a terrorist. Of course you can’t afford anything.

(People around laugh)

Vincenzo: Your mom must hate you.

Jon (actor): I-I don’t have a mom..

Vincenzo: Ha, no wonder…. Who would want to be a mother of that ugly thing you call a face?

(People around laugh again)

(Jon walks away)

Nina: Later Osama bin Laden! (girls giggle)

And that was just the beginning…

Nina was the girl I liked and eventually found out I like her, she tells gossip about me to her friends.

My life at school, home, and everywhere else is awful.

There’s my dad, a guy with no job…. but can thankfully live up to get money

(points to father)

He and my mom were separated 5 years ago… I was so confused I couldn’t concentrate.

Dad: Hi Jon, quickly get your math homework out.

My father always thinks algebra is the most important subject in school.

But don’t we all know it’s lunch?

When I opened up to the first problem, stuff happened….

Dad: Now what is 9x + (-10) divided by 4?

Jon: Ummm…. 19?

(Dad slaps Jon’s face knocking his glasses off)

Now you may be thinking I have a brutal dad, but I don’t. He just gets angry when I get something wrong.