Red Flag / Blue Flag Script

The story for how things came to be.


Red Team

  • Dwarf - Real Name - Male
  • Assassin - John Martin - Male
  • Pyro - Real Name - Male
  • Mage - Real Name - Female
  • Heavy - Real Name - Male
  • Engineer - Real Name - Female
  • Bomber - Real Name - Male
  • Blacksmith - Real Name - Male
  • Scout - Real Name - Female
  • Rose Medic - Real Name - Female

Blue Team

  • Nerco - Real Name - Male
  • Chemist - Real Name - Male
  • Elf - Real Name - Female
  • Medic - Pukky Dirog - Female
  • Soldier - Real Name - Male
  • Ninja - Joe Martin - Male
  • Archer - Real Name - Female
  • Titan - Real Name - Female
  • Ghost - Real Name - Male
  • Tiger Blacksmith - Real Name - Male


Red Flag / Blue Flag

(Screen focuses on Soldier and Tiger in Blue Base I)

Tiger: (Following Soldier) I know I just joined nearly a week ago but, PLEASE tell me how this bullshit started.. PLEASE!

Soldier: (Looking down at Tiger) No.

Tiger: (Getting angry) I wll fucking annoy the fucking shit out of you for the rest of your fucking life, Soldier.

Soldier: I suppose I can tell you in this 11 minute episode.

Tiger: (Confused now) Wait, 11 minutes?

Soldier: Sharing an episode with Red.

Tiger: O.. that explains it.

(Tiger and Soldier both sit down)

Soldier: You ready?

Tiger: Yeh.

Soldier: Long long time ago, there was this boy named Josh. He played alot of Minecraft Capture The Flag. One day he has an idea to create a cartoon show about us. His idea for the war was:

(Scene goes back eighteen years ago, June 31st)

Ninja (as Joe Martin): Hey brother!

Assassin (as John Martin): Oh, hey babe! (John and Joe both kiss)

Joe Martin: You mind if I take the red flag?

John Martin: (Surprised look) What? Hell no. That's mine. How would you like it if I took the blue flag?

Joe Martin: I guess I wouldn't like it.

(Screen goes back to Soldier, telling the story)

Soldier (Narrator): Joe Martin would then steal Red Flag while John was sound asleep.. or was he?

(Cut scene to John and Joe sleeping together)

Joe Martin: (Saying quietly and getting out of bed) Maybe stealing it won't be so hard..

(We see an assassin coming into the house)

Joe Martin: Hah, there it is.. I just need a hug from my parent's old flag..

(Assassin comes out of no where and attacks Joe)

Joe Martin: What the fuck?

Assassin: Give me the flag or die!

Joe Martin: Who the hell are you?

Assassin: Why the fuck should I tell?

Joe Martin: Well, in the movies the bad guy always reveal himself.

Assassin: (Confused) We are not in a fucking movie.. right?

(Joe runs out of the house with both flags)

Assassin: Oh you silly little scrub.. Don't you know I have speed? (Smiles)

(Screen goes back to Soldier and Tiger)

Tiger: (Happy, angry, sad, scared and confused) Soldier?

Soldier: What? (Annoyed)

Tiger: How did John get out of bed without being unnoticed?

Soldier: (Confused) Well you see.. um.. Blame the creator of this show! Back to story!

Tiger: But.


(Screen goes back to Joe, hiding in an allyway)

Joe Martin: Why the hell did this all start because of a silly flag?!?

(A tiny little being appears)

Druf: Well you see, his favorite color is red, yours is blue. Adam and Eve both loved you, but he was their favorite. You were your grandparents favorite.

Joe Martin: (Little confused) What?

Druf: Your parents loved John more then you.

Joe Martin: Oh shut up.

(Druf leaves)

Voice in distance: Where is this fucktard?!?!?

(Joe gets worried)

Joe Martin: I guess incest isn't everything (facepalm)

(Assassin sees Joe, and he sneaks up on him)

Assassin: Welp, I guess I can't find him. Better be on my way to blow up the house.

(Joe is relived and stands up, byforce, fucking up by standing up)

Assassin: HA THERE YOU ARE! (Shoots Joe in the chest)

(We see Joe fall to the ground)

Assassin: I don't care if this is a silly flag! My mom and dad gave it to me cause they loved me!

Joe: Nah bro, you're just mad dad left because of you.

Assassin: Shut the fuck up now (Grabs the flag)

Joe: Dad hated you so much!

(Assassin shoots Joe about twenty times)

Assassin: That's what you get, you fuck!.

(Screen goes back to Soldier and Tiger)

Tiger: How is Ninja still alive if he got shot twenty one times?

Medic (walking in): Hey guys!

Tiger: Oh, right.

Soldier: Back to story now.

Tiger: Soldier wait!

Soldier (getting annoyed): What now kid?

Tiger: This isn't a 11 minute episode..

Soldier: (Surprised) What?

Tiger: The creator changed the episode to be eleven plus minutes.

Soldier: He is a lazy one. Okay back to the story.

(Screen goes to a dead Joe Martin)

Medic (off screen, as Pukky Dirog): Dude this girl was really hot, this girl was really hot, took her to my spot, found out she was a- WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT! (Scared)

(Pukky gets his phone out and dials 911)

911 Operator: Hello 911, what is your (add the e word here)

Pukky: I found a dead body in an allyway! Please come quick!

911 Operator: To talk to an operator, please press 1.

(Pukky presses 1)

911 Operator: To speak to a real life person, press 6.

(Cycle repeats for the next half hour)

911 Operator: To get help, please press 2.

Pukky: (Mad) I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! (Pukky gets Joe)

(Joe starts to wake up)

Joe: (In a low voice) What.. what happened?

Pukky: How the.. (Confused)

Joe: NO! (Worried)

Pukky: What?

Joe: My flag.. He took the only thing left of my grandparents..

Pukky (confused): Who?

Joe: The fuck up of my family.. my brother...

Pukky: It's not cool to take quotes from another show.

Joe: Yeah yeah. I'm only agreeing with you cause your hot.

Pukky (Happy, surprised): Um.. yeah (blushing) thanks..

Joe: Also, it appears you have some kind of healing powers. Wanna help me get the flag back, though?

Pukky: Yeah sure.

(Screen goes to Assassin)

Assassin: What? I got the wrong flag? (Getting pissed)

(Assassin takes his hood off)

John Martin: I will get my flag! (Runs off with blue flag)

                     The End

                     End Credits

Assassin: Dicky Moe, your helping me get the flag back or else.

Dicky Moe: Nah fam.

(Shoots Dicky in the leg)

Dicky: Fine.

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